[Mono-bugs] [Bug 324427] System.ComponentModel.Design.RuntimeLicenseContext does not load licenses from resource

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--- Comment #9 from Michael Swain <ms at vistadb.net>  2009-10-21 09:45:45 MDT ---

1) I was just trying to be forward thinking, I wasn't sure how mono implemented
medium trust.

2) Yes, in MSNET the reason you specify the resource assembly is because you
want the licensing system to look there for a license. I think passing the
resourceAssembly through to LoadKeys and having that function use it if
provided, then falling back to EntryAssembly and searching would handle most
situations. At least it would handle my situation, as I already take that

Walking all assemblies is what the MS code does when the resourceAssembly and
EntryAssemblies are null, this handles the compiled webapplication scenario
with MS, since there is no App_Licneses and no entry assembly, however that is
under IIS, I don't know if under mono it sets the EntryAssembly to the correct

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