[Mono-bugs] [Bug 324427] System.ComponentModel.Design.RuntimeLicenseContext does not load licenses from resource

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--- Comment #6 from Michael Swain <ms at vistadb.net>  2009-10-20 17:19:24 MDT ---
I looked over the current check-in and it does look good. I do see a couple of
areas that might need to be corrected to handle some issues I have run across
with implementing a licensing system.

1) The loadKeys function probably should take the resourceAssembly from
GetSavedLicenseKey and try to use that first before EntryAssembly. I have a
trap in my code that handles medium trust issues and one work around with the
MSNET is to specify the assembly to check directly when known. 

2) I see your attempt to find and load an App_Licenses to handle Web Sites,
this is good, however it will not work with a published web application since
that does not create an App_Licenses but instead embeds the resource in the
primary assembly for the site, that assembly has a hashed name so you usually
cannot guess it. The only solution I have found for that is to walk all
assemblies looking for a .licenses resource. A better approach would be to just
support method 1 and leave it up to the coder to walk the loaded assemblies.

Outside of that when would this check-in end up in a stable? It would be good
to let out customers know which version of Mono this will work in.

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