[Mono-bugs] [Bug 546745] Visual Studio freezes when trying to break a frozen debuggee

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--- Comment #9 from Martin Baulig <martin at novell.com>  2009-10-20 16:35:16 MDT ---
I checked the code on the Linux side - and there's no reasonable way how this
particular call should ever block.  So my guess is that the entire remoting
layer is completely fucked up on the Linux side and the call doesn't get

Something like this can happen in any remoting call - and everyone who's using
NET remoting will be facing the same problems.

In theory, I could add a [OneWay] to this particular method - but this won't
help you since it'd freeze right in the next remoting call.  It'd even
"auto-freeze" on you in the next call to the lifetime management which happens
automatically ever 5 minutes I think.

To make things really safe and avoid any kinds of IDE freezes, the
timeout-logic should really be in the remoting layer - we just can't make any
trivial method or even property async, this'd just majorly bloat the code.

Maybe we can do something like override RealProxy.Invoke() and make it
timeout-abort - but then we need to figure out which timeout to use and on
which methods to use it, so this may not be trivial at all to implement.

I'll ask our remoting expert Lluis to have a look at this, but he's currently
busy with the MonoDevelop release, so let's leave this until after the 1.0

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