[Mono-bugs] [Bug 541840] Cannot inspect any exception variable

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Fri Oct 9 11:42:16 EDT 2009


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--- Comment #6 from Martin Baulig <martin at novell.com>  2009-10-09 09:42:15 MDT ---
CSC generates:

        IL_0000:  nop 
        .try { // 0
          IL_0001:  nop 
          IL_0002:  ldstr "k5"
          IL_0007:  call int32 int32::Parse(string)
          IL_000c:  pop 
          IL_000d:  nop 
          IL_000e:  leave.s IL_001c

        } // end .try 0
        catch class [mscorlib]System.Exception { // 0
          IL_0010:  stloc.0 
          IL_0011:  nop 
          IL_0012:  ldloc.0 
          IL_0013:  call void class [mscorlib]System.Console::WriteLine(object)
          IL_0018:  nop 
          IL_0019:  nop 
          IL_001a:  leave.s IL_001c

        } // end handler 0
        IL_001c:  nop 
        IL_001d:  ret 

and the lexical blocks look like this:

Method 1 (6000001) - Program.Main(string[])
  CodeBlock [CodeBlock 0:-1:Lexical:0:1e]
  CodeBlock [CodeBlock 1:1:Lexical:11:1a]
  Local [LocalVariable e:0:1]

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