[Mono-bugs] [Bug 542305] Debugging doesn't work if 'mono' is a shell script instead of an executable

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Thu Oct 8 03:11:37 EDT 2009


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--- Comment #16 from Martin Baulig <martin at novell.com>  2009-10-08 01:11:36 MDT ---
Just committed a fix to debugger trunk which actually allows using a shell

Sorry that I took so long, fixing this uncovered a whole bunch of other bugs in
the follow-fork()/follow-exec() code which are now fixed as well.

Note that this is a trunk-only fix, it cannot be merged into 2.4, sorry.  My
fix depends heavily on the new 'Operation' / 'ThreadingModel' code which is new
in trunk and doesn't exist in 2.4 - or in other words, 2.4 would need a
completely different fix for this problem.  Don't think that's worth, though.

I only tested this with a very simple shell script - which only sets a few
variables and then calls mono.  Things may break if you put any other commands
into the script.

Regarding 2.4, as a next step I'll remove the environment variables as we
discussed in the meeting - and then we need to talk about how we should search
for the 'mono' binary.

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