[Mono-bugs] [Bug 537764] Mono crashes on OS X Snow Leopard

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Sun Oct 4 07:11:27 EDT 2009


User mahegdels at telenet.be added comment

--- Comment #13 from Sledge Ham <mahegdels at telenet.be>  2009-10-04 05:11:24 MDT ---
hmmm... it gets interesting when I break on GC_thread_register_foreign just
after setting the me-variable (so you can read out the me variable in gdb)

Is anyone able to explain the following stack trace?

Thread 8 (process 64873):
#0  GC_thread_register_foreign (base_addr=0xb0397a94) at pthread_support.c:1364
#1  0x000fc0b3 in mono_gc_register_thread (baseptr=0xb0397a94) at
#2  0x001afae1 in mono_thread_attach (domain=0x616e58) at threads.c:813
#3  0x000067a2 in mono_jit_thread_attach (domain=0x616e58) at mini.c:2128
#4  0x00779295 in ?? ()
#5  0x91d6f53c in -[NSConcreteNotification dealloc] ()
#6  0x91d6fdae in __NSFinalizeThreadData ()
#7  0x933eba1d in _pthread_tsd_cleanup ()
#8  0x933eb5ca in _pthread_exit ()
#9  0x91d7a984 in +[NSThread exit] ()
#10 0x91d7a92c in __NSThread__main__ ()
#11 0x933e2f39 in _pthread_start ()
#12 0x933e2dbe in thread_start ()

In this stacktrace I read that a separate thread is being stopped 
(_pthread_exit), hoewever while cleaning up some thread specific data this
thread is being picked up (again?) to be added in the GC_threads-array, which
results in the crash... I think we should look at why we end up in this
situation and fix this.. If this is fixed we can probably get rid of the patch
in the darwin_stop_world.c

Anyone a good idea how we could test if the cleanup is started to prevent
adding this thread again to the GC_threads-table? Maybe we should add a thread
specific data which says that this thread is about to go dead.

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