[Mono-bugs] [Bug 555464] reflection.c:2609:get_field_on_inst_generic_type: assertion

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--- Comment #12 from Onur Gumus <emperon at gmail.com> 2009-11-30 21:15:59 UTC ---
For the sake of completeness I am pasting the part that fails in nemerle.
Basically we check for System.RuntimeType to detect if we are .net or not.
This code was working by mono 2.0.2. 

The full code is @

line 291

static FrameworkGetMethod (t : System.Type, mutable m : MethodInfo) :
      if (MS_NET_RuntimeType != null)
        if (t.GetType().Equals (MS_NET_RuntimeType))
          // workaround MS.NET limitation of not allowing RuntimeType in
          GetHackishMethod (t, m);
        else {
          def td = t.GetGenericTypeDefinition ();
          when (td.GetType().Equals (MS_NET_RuntimeType))
            m = GetHackishMethod (td, m);

          TypeBuilder.GetMethod (t, m);
        TypeBuilder.GetMethod (t, m);

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