[Mono-bugs] [Bug 539394] mod_mono web app hangs when a cross-appdomain call results in a ThreadAbortException

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Wed Nov 4 15:45:36 EST 2009


User brett at fogcreek.com added comment

--- Comment #22 from Brett Kiefer <brett at fogcreek.com>  2009-11-04 13:45:34 MST ---
Completely understood -- what I'm saying is that we'd really like to help test,
since we know we're exercising the code path and are interested in making sure
the fix is solid. But we can't bump our runtime to the latest trunk mono right
now, so I thought I would do a cowboy backport to 2.4 so that we can test that.

What I meant by "Zoltan's objections' in my comment was that I didn't
thoroughly understand the exception propagation concern you voiced in Comment
#18, so I wasn't at all sure that my backport patch was correct.

The long and short of it is that unless we hear something else, we'll do some
testing with the patch I attached here, but wait to hear from you before going
to production with anything. Once you are satisfied and have backported the
change, just let us know and we'll be happy to patch our and test it

Does that all make sense?

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