[Mono-bugs] [Bug 551615] Korean text (cp949) cannot be decoded

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Mon Nov 2 15:02:57 EST 2009


User greg.smolyn at strangeloopnetworks.com added comment

--- Comment #5 from Greg Smolyn <greg.smolyn at strangeloopnetworks.com>  2009-11-02 13:02:56 MST ---
I think  I have it isolated to lines 138 and 161 in Decoder.cs (in

Here we're assigning one of the passed in parameters to an _out_ parameter. 

The bytesUsed out parameter is to actually tell us how far the decoder got. In
this instance, it is seeing an ASCII character, but was pass in more than 1
byte (and subsequently pass in byteCount > 1), we return bytesUsed as taht
value.  Using that returned value, I skip over some bytes when I ask for the
next decoded character.

I am looking at how to ensure we actually set bytesUsed to the right amount of
bytes decoded by GetChars()

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