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--- Comment #1 from Andrew Jorgensen <ajorgensen at novell.com>  2009-05-28 12:04:33 MDT ---
> Though we can probably have a number of lanes that will be built on
> multiple hosts, the problem is that wherever it deviates we'd have to
> create a new lane (or complicate the script).  So for instance I might
> start out with mono-trunk-unix for solaris and uh, aix or something, but
> then have to split it later to mono-trunk-solaris and mono-trunk-aix.  I
> think it would be a lot more prudent to have a 1:1 mapping from lanes to
> hosts in which case having a single lane and one set of commands per
> host  would make a lot more sense.

Hmm, actually I'm seeing a problem with this now.  I'm planning to build
RPMs using the osc tool.  This means that any Linux host will be able to
build RPMs for any configuration that has the same or a supported
architecture (sle-11-ppc64 can build opensuse-10.3-i386 and everything
in-between and even above).  So now I think what I really need is
something like lane - config - host, rather than lane - host.  Something

   config (host)

    dist (linux-x86_64)
    openSUSE-11.1-i586 (linux-x86_64)
    SLE-11-x86_64 (linux-x86_64)
    Solaris-10-sparc (solaris-10-sparc)

As you've already pointed out this can already be accomplished by just
having multiple lanes (and a parent lane to pin them together).  I think
all I lack is to hide the complexity.  Maybe a "parent lane" could be
something that doesn't have any configuration other than a name and
regular lanes could be required to have a parent lane which would become
part of it's name (parent: mono-trunk, lane: dist, lane-name:
mono-trunk-dist) and then the UI could display this in a more meaningful
and less cluttered way.

We could even just derive this by convention with lanes grouped by
common prefix (mono, mono-trunk, mono-trunk-openSUSE,
mono-trunk-openSUSE-11.1, etc.) and let the code remain as it is right
now.  No changes except to the UI.  That could get a little ugly because
mono-basic is not really a child of mono... maybe some other separator
could be used that would not likely be used elsewhere, '~' maybe?

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