[Mono-bugs] [Bug 506726] Duplicate "Aquamarine" color in FontDialog color drop down combo box.

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Tue May 26 16:22:51 EDT 2009


User stifu at free.fr added comment

--- Comment #9 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr>  2009-05-26 14:22:50 MDT ---
I was wrong again: property names always match displayed names. It's just that
Maroon, Navy, etc are all valid colors which are different from Dark Red, Dark
Blue, etc (I thought they might be aliases, but no, they're slightly different
colors)... I was all the more confused by the fact Maroon is translated as
"Rouge foncé" in French (Dark Red) on Windows, and Navy as "Bleu foncé" (Dark
Blue), and so on. Heh.

So, in the end, all it takes to fix this bug is to follow the list of colors
shown in the screenshot Brian posted above.

I will also do one more thing in this patch.

Rather than doing:

new ColorComboBoxItem( Color.Black, "Black" )

I'll change it to:

new ColorComboBoxItem( Color.Black )

This way, the displayed text for Color.Black will be directly taken from the
Name property. This will slightly simplify the code and therefore avoid
inconsistencies, but more importantly, it will be a first step toward color
name localization. That is to say that when color names will be localized, in
FontDialog, their name will be dynamically retrieved from the Color class,
rather than being hard coded.

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