[Mono-bugs] [Bug 473725] MessageBox.Show() makes no sound

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Mon May 25 16:13:38 EDT 2009


User stifu at free.fr added comment

--- Comment #3 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr>  2009-05-25 14:13:37 MDT ---
I'm afraid using the generic beep in all message boxes may get annoying fast in
your average app, though. I guess it'd be justified when MessageBoxIcon.Error
is used, to grab the user's attention, but maybe not for regular messages?

As for the rest, it's up to you. I don't mind either way. Basically, you think
it's not worth adding complexity and an extra dependency just for that, is that
it? Maybe a solution could be to P/Invoke the sounds on Win32, and do nothing
on other platforms? That way it'd still be on par with .NET, in a way...

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