[Mono-bugs] [Bug 461323] Mono displays the 16-color icon (ico) rather than the 32-bit one, on the program window

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Sat May 23 13:16:49 EDT 2009


User stifu at free.fr added comment

--- Comment #10 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr>  2009-05-23 11:16:47 MDT ---
I had a look at the Icon class in System.Drawing.
With the icon of the test case, in the BuildBitmapOnWin32() method, a
Format4bppIndexed Bitmap is created because bih.biBitCount equals 4, while it
should be 32.

No idea what to do from there.

By the way, I think it'd be nice if libgdiplus worked on Windows, so as to stop
relying on GDI+. That'd make Mono more consistent across platforms, and would
remove the need to fork the code for GDI+ and libgdiplus (as can be seen in the
GetInternalBitmap() method of the Icon class).

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