[Mono-bugs] [Bug 504604] Graphics drawing do not use transformation matrix correctly, autoscroll control does not invalidate context correctly

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Sat May 23 10:40:47 EDT 2009


User mario.suric at yahoo.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Mario Suric <mario.suric at yahoo.com>  2009-05-23 08:40:46 MDT ---
I made additional analysis of the problem. 

Regarding drawing:
The source of the problem is Graphics.PageUnit. If drawn in Points drawing is
ok. If drawn in millimeters, drawing is not ok. Interestingly, text is not
drawn at all. 

Printing doesn't work at all. Print dialog do not list available printers
(tested on openSUSE 11.1 and on Ubuntu 9.04). On Windows printers are listed,
however, options button used to adjust printer settings is missing. If OK is
pressed, application crashes. Installed was cups-pdf printer.

TODO: Fix drawing if PageUnit is not Point. 
TODO: Fix PringDialog and fix printing.

Two new files are attached: 

- MonoTest_src.zip, contains source code of the small application that uses
PageUnit millimmeters with simple printing (please select File->Print in order
to invoke the printing)

-MonoTest_bin.zip, executables (compiled with VS 2008 for .NET 2.0)

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