[Mono-bugs] [Bug 500987] SqlCommand with DateTime parameter throws exception "Error converting data type varchar to datetime" (impacts NHibernate and Castle ActiveRecord)

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--- Comment #14 from Loic Nageleisen <loic.nageleisen at gmail.com>  2009-05-15 10:17:47 MDT ---
Since Tds70 inherits Tds (which I stupidly overlooked), base.Locale is of
course set in Tds.cs, and it is set initially to CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.
Then it is set in

            case TdsEnvPacketSubType.Locale :


            locale = new CultureInfo (lcid);

During my tests, it seems Mono receives an lcid which implies a CultureInfo,
but MSSQL expects another locale. Using "SET LANGUAGE Français" aligns one with
the other. The question is, which one is wrong at the beginning? If I just
start a failing query without setting language, MSSQL error message is in
french, therefore LANGUAGE is Français to begin with, and lcid is something
else, certainly 1033 (database is set to us_english). In my opinion this
behavior must be due to the fact that the database is run on a French XP,
because there is no single place where the database is set to French. This
mismatch is then the cause of the failure, because Mono doesn't cope with this

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