[Mono-bugs] [Bug 503585] Comparer<T>.Default not Serializable for some types

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Wed May 13 15:57:04 EDT 2009


User mtraudt at quantifisolutions.com added comment

--- Comment #1 from Mark Traudt <mtraudt at quantifisolutions.com>  2009-05-13 13:57:03 MDT ---
Actually, my example was not complete since Dt was not implementing IComparable
or IComparable<Dt>.  If I add this, then the example seems to work fine. 
Interestingly, in our actual code we had implemented IComparable but not the
generic equivalent, and this worked okay with .NET CLR but did not work with
Mono.  So there is a difference in behavior between the two in this case, but I
am not sure I would characterize as a bug.

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