[Mono-bugs] [Bug 500987] SqlCommand with DateTime parameter throws exception "Error converting data type varchar to datetime" (impacts NHibernate and Castle ActiveRecord)

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--- Comment #2 from Loic Nageleisen <loic.nageleisen at gmail.com>  2009-05-06 04:18:20 MDT ---
The above test case (includes dependencies) provides a means to test against
pure string, parametrized command, NH and AR INSERTs into the database. It runs
successfully under .Net, and fails as per the bug under Mono 2.4.

As convenience, it uses AR to create the database schema. One should adapt
various MSSQL database settings according to one's setup.

Upon successful execution, correctness should then be checked manually in the
- the pure string ADO should yield a result dependent of the database locale.
- the others should yield a result dependent of the program locale.
But all insertions should succeed.

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