[Mono-bugs] [Bug 459790] SoapRpcMethod based webservices return HTTP 500 error with Mono 2.0.1 Runtime

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--- Comment #19 from Anil Kumar <kuanil at novell.com>  2009-05-05 00:58:32 MDT ---
It is not fixed with mono2.4 branch built binaries.
Test Case executed is same as mentioned in the description of bug initially.
I will repeat again: 

(1) Write new files TestUpdate.asmx and TestUpdate.asmx.cs on server. The cs
file is attached in comment #2 and asmx file (1 line) can also be written from
that. Build TestUpdate.asmx.cs to get TestUpdate.dll.
(2) Put TestUpdate.asmx and TestUpdate.dll on server so that it is accessible
by apache.
(3) Access TestUpdate.asmx through Browser, download wsdl file and generate a
proxy class named "TestUpdate.cs" on mono1.2. Command is written in the
Description. The proxy class generated is same as attached in comment #1. <only
IP is different>

(4) Now from Windows/Client, using Visual Studio2005, create a small project so
that it accesses the proxy class and calls a method through that. You have to
copy the proxy class "TestUpdate.cs" mentioned in step3 and also add a
reference so that it is accessible. 
(5) After building the project, execute it. Now, the situation is like this:   
        ----Client uses a proxy class "TestUpdate.cs" which was generated using
        ----Server has upgraded its mono to Mono2.x.
        ----When client tries to communicate to server which has upgraded mono
then server is not able to recognize the RPC based header and exception is
thrown as attached in comment #18.

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