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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com>  2009-03-01 11:48:32 MST ---
As mentioned in Comment #2, the first fix wasn't entirely useful, as it removed
the crash from viewing namespaces, but would still crash when attempting to
view types and members.

This fix *mostly* rectifies that error, as you can now view type and member
documentation without a crash.

2009-03-01  Jonathan Pryor  <jpryor at novell.com>

    * Mono.Documentation/XmlDocUtils.cs: It's possible for the `loader'
      delegate to return `null' if no further base types are found, so
      stop processing if we find a null base type.
    * Monodoc/provider.cs: 
      - Make GetHelpStream() virtual so that EcmaUncompiledHelpSource can
        override it, as the default zip-based behavior is inappropriate.
      - Make GetHelpXmlWithChanges() virtual so that
        EcmaUncompiledHelpSource can override it, as the default zip-based
        behavior is inappropriate.
      - When initializing UncompiledHelpSources, set the
        HelpSource.RootTree property (avoids an NRE from
        EcmaHelpSource.GetTextFromUrl() when it reads RootTree.HelpSources).
    * Monodoc/ecma-provider.cs: 
      - Within the XmlDocUtils.AddExtensionMethods() call, don't always 
        prefix the type with "T:", as sometimes the type will already start 
        with "T:", which is the case with EcmaUncompiledHelpSource ids.  
      - Add EcmaUncompiledHelpSource.GetHelpStream() and
        EcmaUncompiledHelpSource.GetHelpXmlWithChanges(), which Do The
        Right Thing for the file-based backend.

What you can't do is view type members (plural).  For example, you can now view
Namespace documentation, Type documentation, and (using the tree view) view
e.g. Constructors/ConstructorDeclaration.

However, if you try to view the e.g. Type/Fields node (to view a list of all
fields), monodoc will crash.  Ditto for clicking the "Type Members" link from
the Type documentation page.

So editing is ~90% fixed (if you're careful about what you click...).

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