[Mono-bugs] [Bug 517656] HTML comment in ASPX file causes "Literal content not allowed for System.Web.UI.WebControls.ListItemCollection" Exception

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Tue Jun 30 02:21:36 EDT 2009


User spam at sigphi.ca added comment

--- Comment #1 from Justin Malcolm <spam at sigphi.ca>  2009-06-30 00:21:35 MDT ---
Hmmm, after actually looking at the HTML comment I noticed the runat="server"
in the <listitem>.  Removing that actually causes the mark-up to render

So, it is not just the HTML comment but the fact that the comment represents
bad ASP.NET mark-up.

Still, the comment should really just be ignored and not cause errors.  As
noted above, both Mono 2.2 and Mono 2.4 render this mark-up happily.  Something
changed with Mono 2.4.2 that makes it care about the contents of my comments.

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