[Mono-bugs] [Bug 515045] TabControl / TabPage doesn't look right (+ VisualStyles not applied)

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User stifu at free.fr added comment

--- Comment #4 from Thomas Goldstein <stifu at free.fr>  2009-06-24 14:21:23 MDT ---
Follow up to the quirk/tip described above: pressing Tab makes the focus
rectangle reappear, and then it won't leave anymore. This happens with both
Win32 classic and XP (Luna) theme, not tested with Vista / 7. It's definitely a
NET (or Windows) bug.

And I found a 5th tab bug: run the test case above, and resize the window to
make it narrow: once the second tab starts getting hidden, 2 little arrows
appear to switch between tabs. So you're on tab one, press the right arrow,
you'll then see tab 2. Click tab 2, it will be selected but then you'll see tab
1 again. It seems like selecting a tab resets the position you were at by
clicking these little arrows. It shouldn't.

To try and make this bug report a little bit clearer, I'll sum up all 5 bugs,
from most to least important (IMO):

1- Tab text should be centered
2- Vertical padding should work (and make text vertically centered)
3- Implement VisualStyles for tabs on Windows (ie: DrawTabControl method
missing in ThemeVisualStyles.cs)
4- When some tabs are hidden and that the navigation arrows are shown,
selecting a tab shouldn't reset the position you were at
5- Focus rectangle should show on the focused tab

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