[Mono-bugs] [Bug 471259] NullReferenceException using Reflection with valid Nullable/ByRef arguments

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Sat Jan 31 10:23:28 EST 2009


User joe at mistachkin.com added comment

--- Comment #1 from Joe Mistachkin <joe at mistachkin.com>  2009-01-31 08:23:23 MST ---
Isolated the failure to the [object invoke $x TestByRefNullableValueTypeMethod
y] portion of the unit test which ends up calling the method
_Tests.Default.TestByRefNullableValueTypeMethod, defined as follows:

  public void TestByRefNullableValueTypeMethod(ref int? x)
    if (x != null) x++;
    else x = 0;

The following snippet from MarshalOps.FixupByRefArguments demonstrates the
suspected root cause of the issue:

  if (args[argumentInfo.Index] != null) // NOTE: Succeeds.
      Type type = null;

          // NOTE: NullReferenceException is thrown here, even
          //       though we just checked for null (above).
          type = args[argumentInfo.Index].GetType();
          // do nothing.

      // NOTE: Variable "type" ends up being null here.

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