[Mono-bugs] [Bug 463323] Bug with delegates to dynamic methods

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Wed Jan 28 06:39:34 EST 2009


User jan.oravec at 6com.sk added comment

--- Comment #8 from Jan Oravec <jan.oravec at 6com.sk>  2009-01-28 04:39:33 MST ---
I have tried adding GC.Collect () in the begin of while cycle to prevent
garbage collection while running native code of DynamicMethods - didn't help.

Also, I tried to add this to the end of cycle...

if (something_non_optimalizable_which_always_evaluates_to_false)
   f1.DynamicInvoke (null);
   f2.DynamicInvoke (null);

..to prevent garbage collection while native code is executing, also didn't

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