[Mono-bugs] [Bug 423518] WARNING: Got event 137f for unknown pid xxxx

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Thu Jan 15 11:50:31 EST 2009


User mike at trausch.us added comment

--- Comment #53 from Michael Trausch <mike at trausch.us>  2009-01-15 09:50:29 MST ---
Interestingly enough, using the current SVN revision as of 09:30 AM EST today
(on Mono 2.2, which I also downloaded today), I am no longer able to reproduce
the problem!  *headdesk*

I am pulling a full copy of the SVN for the debugger and importing it into a
bzr branch locally so that I can take a look at what has changed.  I am
presently able to successfully use the debugger on a 2.6.28 (official release,
vanilla) kernel, as well as 2.6.29-rc1.  I am going to check
2.6.27.{5,6,7,8,9,10,11} as soon as I get them built, installed, and ready for
testing, just to double-check that (a) the bug isn't there and (b) there isn't
some other issue.

Very strange.

Anyway, it'll be several hours before I can do most of this; the local bzr
import should run for about another hour or two, while I build all of the
kernels I need to test, and then after that, I can start doing a reboot cycle
on the current SVN HEAD of the debugger, and start attempting to pinpoint what
changes happened either in Linux or the debugger to fix the problem.  Certainly
that information will be of some use.

I'll also test with Mono 2.0 and see if perhaps the problem is somehow related
to _that_; maybe the upgrade to Mono 2.2 is what fixed the problem?  I'm not
sure.  What version of the Mono runtime is Lluis using, and what revision of
the debugger, just out of curiousity?

All that said, I am very pleasantly surprised to find that I can happily use
the debugger today.  :-)

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