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--- Comment #4 from Rolf Bjarne Kvinge <rkvinge at novell.com>  2009-01-09 09:00:06 MST ---
1 host = 1 machine = 1 buildbot [*]

If you have 47 buildbots (random number) reporting to a server, you need 47
hosts configured on that server.

However any bot can "help out" any other bot - you have basically a master host
and several helper bots. This is currently the case for the 6 moonbuilder vms
in provo, there are 2 master bots (one x86 and one x64) and each have 2 helpers
which work on the same host/lane combination (which would be 'x86
master'/moon-trunk-2.0 for instance)

The reason why you need 1 host configured for every buildbot is that otherwise
it's impossible to tell buildbots apart both for the server (machine A checks
out something, then machine A requests work and is set to build what machine A
checked out - now if machine A and A are different, that will break. If
something fails on one bot you'd also have to look on all bots for that host to
find which bot actually failed.)

Right now this can only be configured on the bot, I haven't implemented it on
the server yet.

[*] You can actually have 1 machine acting as several hosts by checking out the
buildbot to different directories.

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