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--- Comment #2 from Marek Habersack <mhabersack at novell.com>  2009-01-07 07:37:44 MST ---
This seems to be a bug in Firefox 3. What happens is that under Firefox the
request is submitted twice after clicking any of the arrow image buttons. When
the second of those requests comes (using the same parameters), the source
listbox no longer contains the selected item and thus the code in MojoPortal
which deals with moving throws an exception (you can see it in Firefox when
using FireBug).
Running the test in Opera doesn't trigger the problem. 
That makes me think the problem is not in system.web but on the client side. It
is possible, however, that we should generate different code for the image
button onclick handler. If that would be the case, we'd have a bug in Mono.
It might be a difference in the way onclick handler is treated in Firefox and
Opera (IE? Haven't tested that one) in that ff3 requires the handler to return
true in order to not submit the form (as <input type="image"> does) and
defaults to submitting it if the handler returns no status (as is the case with
asp.net) or returns false. Opera might not have that requirement.
It certainly requires more investigation. Rusty, could you try to reproduce the
test on Opera/Linux, IE, FF3/Windows, FF2/Linux/Windows (if possible),
Opera/Windows and see what you get?

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