[Mono-bugs] [Bug 478473] access violation in System.Reflection.Assembly.InternalGetType

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Sat Feb 21 15:27:03 EST 2009


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--- Comment #1 from Joe Mistachkin <joe at mistachkin.com>  2009-02-21 13:27:02 MST ---
Details of the deeper investigation:

ChildEBP RetAddr 
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be wrong.
0022d098 01025388 mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x798d
0022d198 68f00231 0x1025388
0022d1a8 68fd13c3 mono_68ec0000!mono_jit_find_compiled_method+0xf1
0022d1d8 68fd4cfa mono_68ec0000!mono_runtime_invoke+0x23
0022d248 68fdc73c mono_68ec0000!mono_runtime_invoke_array+0x17a
0022d29c 68efb8e3 mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x53cc
0022d2d8 01026437 mono_68ec0000!mono_get_lmf_addr+0x13
0022d3d8 68fd326f 0x1026437
0022d6cc 68efb8e3 mono_68ec0000!mono_object_new_alloc_specific+0x5f
0022d6d8 01082897 mono_68ec0000!mono_get_lmf_addr+0x13
0022d738 01081e8c 0x1082897
0022d798 010811c3 0x1081e8c
0022d828 0107f5f2 0x10811c3
0022d8a8 0107a5a5 0x107f5f2
0022d9d8 68fd350a 0x107a5a5
0022d9dc 00000000 mono_68ec0000!mono_object_new_fast+0x1a


68fdecd9 e8f2d9feff      call    mono_68ec0000!mono_reflection_get_type
68fdecde 89c6            mov     esi,eax
68fdece0 e96cffffff      jmp     mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x78e1
68fdece5 0fb65320        movzx   edx,byte ptr [ebx+20h]
68fdece9 84d2            test    dl,dl
68fdeceb 75ba            jne     mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x7937
68fdeced 891c24          mov     dword ptr [esp],ebx
68fdecf0 e8cbcc0600      call    mono_68ec0000!mono_class_setup_vtable
68fdecf5 ebac            jmp     mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x7933
68fdecf7 8b4508          mov     eax,dword ptr [ebp+8]
68fdecfa 8b5008          mov     edx,dword ptr [eax+8]
crash --> 68fdecfd 807a4a00        cmp     byte ptr [edx+4Ah],0      
ds:0023:0000004f=??  <-- crash
68fded01 0f84b8000000    je      mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x7a4f
68fded07 8b4038          mov     eax,dword ptr [eax+38h]
68fded0a 85c0            test    eax,eax
68fded0c 7452            je      mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x79f0
68fded0e 31db            xor     ebx,ebx
68fded10 3b700c          cmp     esi,dword ptr [eax+0Ch]
68fded13 734b            jae     mono_68ec0000!mono_create_ftnptr+0x79f0
68fded15 0fb65592        movzx   edx,byte ptr [ebp-6Eh]
68fded19 89558c          mov     dword ptr [ebp-74h],edx
68fded1c 8d742600        lea     esi,[esi]
68fded20 8d5594          lea     edx,[ebp-6Ch]
68fded23 8b449810        mov     eax,dword ptr [eax+ebx*4+10h]

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