[Mono-bugs] [Bug 463323] Bug with delegates to dynamic methods

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Sun Feb 15 15:14:54 EST 2009


User jan.oravec at 6com.sk added comment

--- Comment #20 from Jan Oravec <jan.oravec at 6com.sk>  2009-02-15 13:14:51 MST ---
Just noticed - it's not cached by method->signature pointer, but by address of

I think there are more things to get fixed:

Is assembly unloading supported? If yes, these can fail:

mono_assembly_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoAssembly *assembly)
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionAssembly *, assembly, NULL);
mono_module_get_object   (MonoDomain *domain, MonoImage *image)
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionModule *, image, NULL);

This will fail when method is freed:

mono_method_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoMethod *method, MonoClass
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionMethod *, method, refclass);
mono_method_body_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoMethod *method)
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionMethodBody *, method, NULL);
mono_param_get_objects (MonoDomain *domain, MonoMethod *method)
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoArray*, &(method->signature), NULL);

This will fail if class is freed:

mono_field_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoClass *klass, MonoClassField
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionField *, field, klass);
mono_property_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoClass *klass, MonoProperty
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionProperty *, property, klass);
mono_event_get_object (MonoDomain *domain, MonoClass *klass, MonoEvent *event)
        CHECK_OBJECT (MonoReflectionEvent *, event, klass);

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