[Mono-bugs] [Bug 472795] LINQPad terminates with System.InvalidProgramException

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--- Comment #1 from Zoltan Varga <vargaz at gmail.com>  2009-02-05 09:38:19 MST ---
The assembly seems to contain an obfuscated assembly as a resource. Here is
the relevant code:
method to IR ActiproBridge.Log:.cctor ()
converting (in B2: stack: 0) IL_0000: ldsfld    0x0400003f
converting (in B2: stack: 1) IL_0005: br        IL_0047
1 item(s) on exit from B2
created temp 0 (R18) of type System.Object
storing 0 to temp 0
converting (in B4: stack: 0) IL_000a: br        IL_0062
converting (in B6: stack: 0) IL_000f: ldsfld    0x0400003f
converting (in B6: stack: 1) IL_0014: stsfld    0x0400003d
converting (in B6: stack: 0) IL_0019: ldsfld    0x04000040
converting (in B6: stack: 1) IL_001e: br        IL_0067
1 item(s) on exit from B6
created temp 1 (R24) of type System.Object
storing 0 to temp 1
converting (in B8: stack: 0) IL_0023: newobj    0x0a000090

Here, newobj is called, which expects two items on the stack, but there is
This is not valid IL, so we are right to throw an InvalidProgramException.

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