[Mono-bugs] [Bug 566488] International Characters in strings show as double question mark "??"

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Tue Dec 29 17:06:30 EST 2009



--- Comment #2 from Peter Stockli <peter.stoeckli at fsemobile.ch> 2009-12-29 22:06:25 UTC ---
I was wrong!

This is an awful new bug and I'm pretty sure it didn't exist in previous

I tested it like that:
1.) UITextField
2.) Write: u:öäüéèà
3.) Read out that UITextfield (should actually return the unicode-values):

string mstr = textField.Text;
foreach (char c in mstr) {
    UInt16 mint = (UInt16) c;
    Console.Write(mint + ",");


As you can see it represents the non special chars u (117) and : (63)
But the other chars are represented as two question marks (per char).

This should be a very high priority bug!

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