[Mono-bugs] [Bug 564833] DataAdapter's fill method throws exception in connection with DbProviderFactories

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--- Comment #1 from Steven Berry <steven at berry.asn.au> 2009-12-27 23:03:29 UTC ---
I have reproduced it using PostgreSQL (Npgsql).

The problem appears to be that _selectCommand is not being set properly.
Perhaps there is a duplicate property in a base class, I have not investigated.

The following workaround allows my program to work.
For .NET 2.0, set the _selectCommand field directly instead of using the
SelectCommand property.

public override int Fill (DataSet dataSet)
#if NET_2_0
    return Fill (dataTable, _selectCommand, _behavior);
    return Fill (dataTable, ((IDbDataAdapter) this).SelectCommand, _behavior);

public int Fill (DataTable dataTable)
#if NET_2_0
    return Fill (dataSet, 0, 0, DefaultSourceTableName, _selectCommand,
    return Fill (dataSet, 0, 0, DefaultSourceTableName, ((IDbDataAdapter)
this).SelectCommand, _behavior);

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