[Mono-bugs] [Bug 560060] Embedded "app.config" is not read when used inside a bundle

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--- Comment #4 from Laurent Etiemble <laurent.etiemble at gmail.com> 2009-12-02 20:05:18 UTC ---
Here is the changelog:

Add new internal call to retrieve embedded application config. First check if
an embedded configuration exists before looking up on the filesystem.

* mono/metadata/icall-def.h
Add entry for retrieving embedded application configuration.

* mono/metadata/icall.c
Add function to retrieve embedded application configuration if one has been
registered with the runtime.

* mono/metadata/assembly.c
When opening an assembly image, pass the real names in addition to the runtime
generated one.

* mono/metadata/image.h
Add a function to take the real name of the assembly image.

* mono/metadata/image.c
If a real name has been passed to load an assembly, use it instead of the
runtime generated one.

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