[Mono-bugs] [Bug 499758] WebBrowser.DocumentText property throws exception

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Wed Aug 12 17:01:20 EDT 2009


User tim.mclaughlin at wwu.edu added comment

--- Comment #3 from Tim McLaughlin <tim.mclaughlin at wwu.edu>  2009-08-12 15:01:18 MDT ---
I am going to guess that the core of this issue, at least in the current
release(*) is that the "set" method for Mono.Mozilla.DOM.HTMLElement.OuterHTML
is all commented out (see below).  I am not currently familiar enough with Mono
at this level to attempt a fix.  :(

(* "mono --version" reports: Mono JIT compiler version (tarball Mon Jul
27 17:01:07 UTC 2009) )

public override string OuterHTML
    // bad emulation of outerHTML since gecko doesn't support it :P
    get {
        control.DocEncoder.Flags = DocumentEncoderFlags.OutputRaw;
        if (this.Equals (Owner.DocumentElement))
            return control.DocEncoder.EncodeToString ((Document)Owner);
        return control.DocEncoder.EncodeToString (this);                    
    set {
        nsIDOMDocumentRange docRange = ((Document)
control.Document).XPComObject as nsIDOMDocumentRange;
        nsIDOMRange range;
        docRange.createRange (out range);
        range.setStartBefore (this.node);
        nsIDOMNSRange nsRange = range as nsIDOMNSRange;
        Base.StringSet (storage, value);
        nsIDOMDocumentFragment fragment;
        nsRange.createContextualFragment (storage, out fragment);
        nsIDOMNode parent;
        this.node.getParentNode (out parent);
        parent = nsDOMNode.GetProxy (this.control, parent);
        nsIDOMNode newNode;
        parent.replaceChild (fragment as nsIDOMNode, this.node as nsIDOMNode,
out newNode);
        this.node = newNode as Mono.Mozilla.nsIDOMHTMLElement;

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