[Mono-bugs] [Bug 528830] appdomain-unload.exe unit test fails

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Wed Aug 12 06:34:10 EDT 2009


User romain at blogreen.org added comment

--- Comment #5 from Romain Tartière <romain at blogreen.org>  2009-08-12 04:34:09 MDT ---

Adding quite a lot of printf() calls in mono_domain_unload() to log what
happens when the program is running (easier this way I guess since it works
from time and using gdb is painful for this reason), the problem vanish.  I am
running the test in a loop and it has passed ~30 (70 the time I wrte the endof
this message) times and it's going on...

I suspect a race confition somewhere. I'll try to remove gradualy my debugging
printf's and see if I can locate it more accurately.


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