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--- Comment #6 from Marc Christensen <mchristensen at novell.com>  2009-08-10 07:42:04 MDT ---
Martin, this is not a local installation issue.  Johnathan is seeing it,
Everaldo is seeing it, I'm seeing it and Thomas is seeing it.  Thomas and I
have the files we mentioned above while Johnathan and Everaldo have their own
checked out copies.

We use the build bot to build packages in a controlled environment that is
predictable, where conditions are known.  That is how these packages were
build.  Andrew, maybe you can explain how the build bot works and how the
MonoVS image is built to Martin.

Martin, I don't understand how downloading the files will be useless for this.
It gives you an environment where the problem is reproducible.  That's exactly
*why* we told you how to download the files.

And lastly, please don't make your comments private unless they deal with
something internal to Novell.  Neither of your comments above contain any
technical details which should be hidden nor intellectual property that needs
to be kept private that I can see.

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