[Mono-bugs] [Bug 528887] DataGridView hangs on large number of rows (about 500 and more)

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Fri Aug 7 06:35:14 EDT 2009


User vvitafresh at gmail.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Vitaliy Antonov <vvitafresh at gmail.com>  2009-08-07 04:35:13 MDT ---
Performance of DataGridView really has become much better. Thank you. 

But! It's still too slow compared to DataGrid in mono! DataGrid loads data tens
(or more) times faster then DataGridView. So, using DataGridView on moderate
and large amounts of data is still frustrating and very uncomfortable. 

I need to display about 1000 records it takes now about 10 seconds (10 minutes
before your fixes) on Core2Duo 3GHz and about 30 seconds on Pentium-4 3.4 GHz.
In contrast DataGrid renders half a second.

In other words it is still unusable with RowCount >= 1000  :(

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