[Mono-bugs] [Bug 528055] Obfuscation of field names of anonymous types causes System.MissingFieldException

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Tue Aug 4 15:22:53 EDT 2009


User ben at challenor.org added comment

--- Comment #2 from Ben Challenor <ben at challenor.org>  2009-08-04 13:22:52 MDT ---
Hi Marek

Thanks for your reply. We were intending to deploy the same binary on both
runtimes. It's an ASP.NET MVC application with no native code, unsafe code, or

I could compile it with Mono and upload it, but we weren't intending to deploy
like that. Do you still want the Mono version?

Is the compilation of anonymous types specified by the standard? If it is
indeed the backing field renaming that causes the issue, and the names are
specified by the standard, then it is a bug in the obfuscator. But the
obfuscated binary does work on the Microsoft runtime.


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