[Mono-bugs] [Bug 496905] Mono's HttpWebRequest/Response do not pull all chunked HTML data.

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--- Comment #5 from Philippe Durand <draekz at gmail.com>  2009-04-21 20:57:56 MDT ---
- I'm not sure what an RST send is. Whatever is sent out is done by the Mono
library. I only create HTTP requests, pump data into them, and get the
responses from the server. There are no other communication calls in the
FBConnection class.

- I have updated my code to simply create the reader and ReadToEnd, it was more
of a test to see if I was getting an exception trying to read all the data.

- he only thing that is done in the FacebookTest apps IS basically a main that
uses the class. Since there are Async calls, i cannot just create a normal
console based main without the program ending and nothing happening. I needed a
loop so I just used the WinForms window or GTK window to achieve this without
having to use wait handlers. I will provide the code for that if you like.

Let me know if there is anything else you need.

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