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--- Comment #3 from Rodrigo Kumpera <rkumpera at novell.com>  2009-04-21 17:18:26 MDT ---
This is a gmcs bug.

It compiles the follow method:
public static int Test<T> (T t) where T : class
    return t != default (T) ? 0 : 1;


method public static  hidebysig default int32 Test<class T> (!!T t)  cil
    .maxstack 8
    IL_0000:  ldarg.0 
    IL_0001:  brfalse IL_000c

    IL_0006:  ldc.i4.0 
    IL_0007:  br IL_000d

    IL_000c:  ldc.i4.1 
    IL_000d:  ret 

You cannot use brtrue/false with an unboxed generic type. gmcs must emit a box
before it.

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