[Mono-bugs] [Bug 495524] Resizing a window causes all controls to disappear from view

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--- Comment #1 from David Jameson <david at agileitinc.com>  2009-04-18 18:15:21 MDT ---
For what it's worth, this problem has been reproduced by someone else on the
Delphi Prism forums.

Here are his comments:

I've confirmed the bug and I wonder if they'll be able to reproduce it short of
installing Oxygene and compiling it themselves. The HTTPSpy.exe file included
with the Installer Pack just crashes immediately when run and is about 10x the
size of the HTTPSpy.exe file created when I compiled the source myself.

It looks like Mono's WinForms is having trouble repainting the controls
properly after resizing. The flashing that occurs, which is one of the more
annoying aspects of Mono's WinForms implementation on Mac, indicates that it's
probably repainting more than once too.

The code in this example look pretty old. DataGrid was replaced by DataGridView
with .NET 2.0 so I assume this example was written several years ago. Have you
tried substituting a DataGridView? If I were Mono I wouldn't try to support



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