[Mono-bugs] [Bug 492778] Mono crashes when running valid generics program

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Wed Apr 8 23:55:27 EDT 2009


User harinath at hurrynot.org added comment

--- Comment #14 from Raja Harinath <harinath at hurrynot.org>  2009-04-08 21:55:25 MDT ---
I would rather just have

    method = find_method (in_class, ..., klass);
  + if (!method && in_class != klass) {
  +    method = find_method (klass, ..., klass);
  +    if (method)
  +      g_warning ("your code may be depending on non-standard semantics"
  +  }

The issue is that the signature was inflated prematurely when the assembly was
created.  Re-inflating it again is a bad idea, imho.  I think the above
semantic is at least defendable: "If you can't match it against the GTD, see if
you can match with just the type itself."

Caveat, I haven't tested this code at all :-)

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