[Mono-bugs] [Bug 414146] [Regression] Mono.Mozilla.Base.gluezilla_createBrowserWindow

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Tue Sep 23 16:56:04 EDT 2008


User prakash.tripathi at hp.com added comment

--- Comment #19 from Om Prakash Tripathi <prakash.tripathi at hp.com>  2008-09-23 14:56:03 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #18 from Andy Hume)
> Om.  I just hit the wrong key and lost my comment  so this one's shorter! :-,(
> "--verbose" isn't terribly helpful.  Can you use "--debug" instead -- the full
> exception will be dumped on the console unless the app catches it.  Otherwise
> try "--trace" but it creates *big* logs, so only include the exception dump in
> that case! :-)
> Maybe you're hitting one of the NREs in bug 428172...
> Andy

Here U go...

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to
an instance of an object
at HCU_GUI.Form1.webBrowser1_Navigating
(object,System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs) <0x00021>
at System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser.OnNavigating
(System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs) [0x0000b] in
at System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser.OnWebHostLoadStarted
(object,Mono.WebBrowser.LoadStartedEventArgs) [0x00038] in
at Mono.Mozilla.Callback.OnStateChange
(Mono.Mozilla.nsIWebProgress,Mono.Mozilla.nsIRequest,int,uint) <0x002fc>
at (wrapper native-to-managed) Mono.Mozilla.Callback.OnStateChange
(intptr,intptr,int,uint) <0x002a8>

  This is what I could get on the console while running with the --debug
option. Please confirm if its of any help to you.

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