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Tue Sep 23 15:49:35 EDT 2008


User prakash.tripathi at hp.com added comment

--- Comment #17 from Om Prakash Tripathi <prakash.tripathi at hp.com>  2008-09-23 13:49:34 MDT ---
(In reply to comment #16 from Andy Hume)
> The copy in the GAC has to be updated (AIUI).  So with admin priviledges, or at
> least with permission to alter the gac folders in your mono installation, run
> the following from a Mono command shell (updating paths as necessary):
>    gacutil2 -i Mono.WebBrowser.dll

Thanks Andy,

  With this change, the URIFormatException is not recurring but there is
another exception observed, as mentioned below-

Method System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs:.ctor
(System.Uri,string) emitted at 01077200 to 01077226 (code length 38) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser:OnNavigating
(System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs) emitted at 01077228 to
0107724F (code length 39) [GUI.exe]
Method HCU_GUI.Form1:webBrowser1_Navigating
(object,System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs) emitted at 01077250
to 01077310 (code length 192) [GUI.exe]
Method (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser:get_Document () emitted at 01077340 to 0107737E
(code length 62) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser:get_Document () emitted at 010773A8 to
0107745A (code length 178) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument:op_Equality
(System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument,System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument) emitted
at 01077478 to 010774AD (code length 53) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Windows.Forms.HtmlDocument:.cctor () emitted at 010774C0 to
010775D1 (code length 273) [GUI.exe]
Method System.NullReferenceException:.ctor () emitted at 010775D8 to 01077609
(code length 49) [GUI.exe]
Method (wrapper runtime-invoke) System.Object:runtime_invoke_string__this__
(object,intptr,intptr,intptr) emitted at 01077610 to 0107769A (code length 138)
Method System.Exception:ToString () emitted at 010776A0 to 010777DD (code
length 317) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Exception:get_Message () emitted at 010777E0 to 0107784E (code
length 110) [GUI.exe]
Method System.Exception:get_StackTrace () emitted at 01077850 to 01077B33 (code
length 739) [GUI.exe]

   I hope this issue would also have been raised and fixed. Could you help me
regarding this?

  Also I couldn't find any information (on the Mono website) regarding the new
MOMA release corresponding to the Mono2.0 release. Any inptu on this too.

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