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--- Comment #2 from Steve Odbc <awunwpa7 at yahoo.com.ph>  2008-09-23 09:43:38 MDT ---
I tried to reproduce the bug by doing the same as the MessageBox class does: I
used a Bitmap and the Graphics class, called the specific overloads of
MeasureString() and DrawString() and then displayed the bitmap. The bug didn't

So this might be about a nasty error in the C code of GDI+. Maybe a
non-initialized variable that sometimes goes crazy.

My machine returns 1024 when calling Screen.GetWorkingArea().Width (if this
helps you).

To be honest, I'm not so sure I've seen the bug in other scenarious. I seem to
have mixed up the bug with this other effect, where strings in MONO are often
fitted to a specific pixel-length, which looks especially strange when you for
example resize the column header of a ListView (strange looking to me, since I
don't know this from Windows). By the way: can this be turned off?

So at the moment, the string "Es besteht keine Verbindung zum Server." and the
MessageBox class are the only way to reproduce the bug. If I find other
strings, I'll tell you.

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