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--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Pryor <jpryor at novell.com>  2008-09-21 20:59:48 MDT ---
I think we're reading MSDN completely differently.

They say:

  The order of the values in the ValueCollection is unspecified, but it
  is in the same order as the [keys] in KeyCollection.

To me, this says *nothing* about .Add() order.

To me, this says that given:

  var d = new Dictionary<string,string> {
    { "a", "1" },
    { "b", "2" },

Then if the KeyCollection returns keys in the order {"a", "b"}, then
ValueCollection *must* return values in the order {"1", "2"}.  Likewise, if
KeyCollection instead returns keys in the order {"b", "a"}, then the
ValueCollection *must* return values in the order {"2", "1"}.

Which is (1) sane (if d.Keys.ElementAt(0)=="a", would you really want
d.Values.ElementAt(0)=="2"?), and (2) what Dictionary<TKey, TValue> already

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