[Mono-bugs] [Bug 426181] System.AccessViolationException Doesn' t Contain The Same Private Fields As MS .NET

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--- Comment #4 from Martin Costello <martin_costello at talk21.com>  2008-09-15 12:35:08 MDT ---
While memory may have been corrupted, not throwing the exception removes the
ability for the developer to call any code to gracefully exit the application.

In my case, I want to write the source of the exception to a log file, restore
some backups made during processing, and then quit the application with a
friendly error for users.

Not throwing the exception removes any graceful options, leaving a terminal
full of stack traces from each thread or, if a GUI, nothing.  It also means
that my intermediate files are left behind to clutter the working directory,
rather than being tidied away.

In my opinion, the developer should be given the option to run the risk of the
program becoming unusable by being able to handle such an exception in any
P/Invoked native code, particularly if the P/Invoked module isn't part of the
OS (i.e. user written).

If the developer chooses not to handle the exception, the program will crash

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