[Mono-bugs] [Bug 426181] System.AccessViolationException Doesn' t Contain The Same Private Fields As MS .NET

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Mon Sep 15 09:49:49 EDT 2008


User martin_costello at talk21.com added comment

--- Comment #2 from Martin Costello <martin_costello at talk21.com>  2008-09-15 07:49:49 MDT ---
Apologies if there is a good reason for the termination, but is there anyway
this can be stopped?  It stops my exception handling routines from being called
which are used to restore backed-up files in the event of any exception.  It
also creates logs detailing information on the exception.  This application is
used to test pre-release versions of libraries that could conceivably crash,
and I'd prefer not to have a fault in one of the things under test stop the
entire process.

Also I was under the impression that private fields were kept for serialisation
reasons (I'm probably mistaken on this as well).

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