[Mono-bugs] [Bug 417962] WS_EX_COMPOSITED does not remove flashing

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Thu Sep 11 14:55:48 EDT 2008


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--- Comment #5 from Jonathan Pobst <jpobst at novell.com>  2008-09-11 12:55:47 MDT ---
Hmm, that sucks.  I guess .Net doesn't pass on the double-buffered-ness to the
native control.  I guess you need to do it both ways, DoubleBuffered and
WS_EX_COMPOSITE, and even then it won't be doublebuffered on certain .Net
configurations, like .Net on Win2k.

The layout issue you mention happens on both Mono and .Net, so I don't think it
is a Mono specific issue.  SuspendLayout simply keeps the Layout events from
being called, it does not prevent a control's size or location from being
manually changed.  So it gets changed manually, and then the tabpage sets it
back to Fill as it finishes its Layout.

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