[Mono-bugs] [Bug 422564] Strings Returned Via P/ Invoke Returned Blank When Contain Certain ANSI Characters

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Mon Sep 8 18:26:51 EDT 2008


User martin_costello at talk21.com added comment

--- Comment #6 from Martin Costello <martin_costello at talk21.com>  2008-09-08 16:26:51 MDT ---
Is there any simple way to overcome this that doesn't require me to re-write
most of my P/Invoke code?

The application I'm working on is specifically for interacting with an API that
works with data using potentially diacritic-containing strings.  It has been
running on .NET 2.0 for 18-months, and now I am trying to port it over to UNIX
as the API is compiled on Windows and various UNIX flavours.

Preferably I wouldn't want to do it in a Mono-specific way, but in generic C#
way, so I can use the same assemblies on both platforms.


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