[Mono-bugs] [Bug 422491] Remoting: Passing ObjRef from Windows to Mono throws " Object type System.Int64 cannot be converted to target type: System.Int32"

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--- Comment #8 from Steffen Enni <steffen.enni at gmail.com>  2008-09-05 04:08:33 MDT ---
Thanks for looking into this Robert.

I use .NET 2.0/Windows Vista for the client and the server on Mono (svn

The change for _ContextID happened somewhere between mscorlib.dll v1.0.3300.0
where it is an int32 and v2.0.0.0 (now a System.Object).

I can see that the change can break mono's own compatibility.  It will affect
the passing of ObjRefs from process running under a new mono runtime to
processes running under the existing mono runtime.  (The other way around will
still work, just as it today works to pass Mono's int32 into .NET's

So if a change breaks an existing application, it is solved by upgrading the
mono runtime (no recompilation.)

I think is should be fixed based on the overall goals of the Mono project
<qoute src=mono-project.com>
The Mono Project is an open development ... Its objective is to enable
developers to build and deploy cross-platform .NET Applications

It is not a priority for me to have this fixed.  I can work around this issue
easily (just passing an URI instead of an ObjRef, which I've actually already

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